Estate Planning & Probate

Alfreda Menlove, attorney at law, has practiced Estate Planning and Probate law for over three decades. She understands that matters of inheritance and money are not only complicated, but often emotional. In addition to her legal practice, Alfreda has given hundreds of estate-planning seminars and probate classes over the years, and she knows how to educate and inform.

She has particular expertise in writing legal documents that address and resolve complex family inheritance problems. She can help you ensure that your children are not inadvertently disinherited. Money is a part of life as well as death, and she will help you determine how to manage yours in an affordable, reasonable way.

Mrs. Menlove offers:

  • Trusts
  • Wills
  • Guardianships
  • Conservatorships for children, the elderly, incapacitated adults, and developmentally disabled persons
  • Guidance for trustees, successor trustees and beneficiaries
  • Reviews of existing estate-planning documents and offer updates, suggestions, or additions
  • Preparation of medical mowers such as Patient Advocate Designations, Durable Powers of Attorney, etc.

Mrs. Menlove’s trusts can:

  • Pay for education, vocational training, business-startup, etc.
  • Preserve assets for a longer period of time to ensure that beneficiaries are able to use wisely assets and not dissipate them.
  • Fulfill special needs, include stand-alone trusts, or those incorporated into Trusts of the Parents, to take effect upon their death.

More about Estate Planning in general:

Estate planning is closely related to Family Law, as it involves providing for your family both after death and during your lifetime. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your family is provide for own care through powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney, Trusts, and Wills.

Through a Trust you can provide for your children for decades after your death if necessary. You can provide for a child with special needs and prevent from the government taking what you leave for their care.

More about Probate in general:

Probate is technically the legal process by which a will and similar documents are proven valid or invalid. It is a tricky process, and often an emotional one that needs the cool eye of an experienced professional.

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