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We all hope we live long, healthy lives, but we cannot predict what the future will bring. Therefore the time to write your Will and/or Trust is now. Alfreda Menlove, with 30 years of experience in Trusts and all areas of estate planning can provide the guidance you need.

She can make sure that your spouse, and your children, or other family members are protected; that your money is used for their support and education. She can help you select a Guardian for your children, and to ensure that a handicapped child’s inheritance is not taken by the government. She can also document the ages at which lump sums should be distributed to your children.

You can turn to attorney Menlove for trusts, too. She’ll discuss the benefits of trusts and establish the conditions the trustee needs to meet to get access to the funds. Attorney Menlove’s estate planning services also include drafting special needs and irrevocable trusts.

Get in touch with attorney Menlove to draft wills and trusts in Ann Arbor, MI ASAP.

3 reasons to draft a will or trust right now

3 reasons to draft a will or trust right now

It’s never too early to draft wills and trusts. You can always adjust them if your preferences change. Here’s why you should schedule a consultation with attorney Menlove today:

  1. You will have the final say on how to distribute your funds, who will be in charge, and under what conditions and timing the pay-outs should be, while also avoiding costly and time-consuming probate..
  2. You can ensure that you yourself are taken care of in the event of disability.
  3. You can avoid disinheriting your children after a second marriage.
Attorney Menlove will make sure your Will and trust clearly lays out your wishes for your children’s welfare. Don’t leave your loved ones subject to a court or to other persons deciding their future. Contact Attorney Alfreda Menlove right away for more information about her estate planning services.