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Changing your family dynamics can take a toll on you and your family. You need to work with a compassionate, empathetic lawyer to get through it in one piece. You'll find a lawyer like that at Alfreda Menlove Attorney at Law.

Alfreda Menlove is a family law and estate planning lawyer serving the Ann Arbor, MI community. Whether you need to negotiate a child support agreement or write a will, attorney Menlove can help. She works hard to resolve your family law issues outside of court, but she's not afraid to speak before a judge.

Attorney Menlove knows the ins and outs of estate planning law. She'll create a comprehensive will that expresses your wishes clearly. She'll also do her best to stop the government from claiming the money you want to leave for a loved one.

Get in touch with attorney Menlove now to discuss your legal options.

3 reasons to hire attorney Alfreda Menlove

Alfreda Menlove Attorney at Law is a go-to family law firm in Ann Arbor, MI. Your neighbors make Alfreda Menlove their family and estate planning lawyer again and again because:

  1. As a sole practitioner, attorney Menlove will give your case the attention it deserves.
  2. In addition to a law degree, attorney Menlove also has a master's degree in developmental psychology.
  3. Attorney Menlove has almost 30 years of family law and estate planning experience.
Attorney Menlove will do her best to attain a positive outcome in your family law case. She'll also draw up wills and trusts with meticulous detail. Contact her right away to learn more about her family law and estate planning services in Ann Arbor, MI.

Even a step-parent adoption can be a long, frustrating process. Attorney Alfreda Menlove can simplify that process. She's well-versed in step-parent adoption procedures. Call the office today at 734-769-1258 to get started. Ask about a free 30 minute consultation.

Are you ready to adopt your step-child?

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